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Training Programs

Dog Walk

Ask us about how you can train for AKC titles like the Canine Good Citizens Award and Trick Dog Certifications!


-Your dog NOT need to be an already AKC registered dog to be certified!!!!

Here at Canine Insight we understand everyone has unique goals. That's why we've created programs that are easily customizable, just for you!

-Manners Matter-

Giving a Hand

What do you picture when you think of an enjoyable life with your dog or new puppy?

A dog who doesn't jump all over your guests?

Being able to go for a peaceful walk with your dog?

Eating dinner without begging at your feet?

How about being able to have your dog included when you have guests over?


That life is more achievable than you’d guess!


In this 5 lesson program, we will work on the in home manners needed to make your day to day life more enjoyable with your dog around. You will have the confidence to peacefully go for a stroll around the neighborhood and have guests over without the added stress! Your dog will also but much happier and at ease knowing what is expected of them.

-Behavior Rehab-

Image by Richard Brutyo

Does your dog struggle to make good decisions?

Are they unable to focus around distractions?

Do they need help building up their confidence in the world?

We understand how upsetting, frustrating, embarrassing, discouraging, and limiting it can feel to have a dog that just isn't quite able to be the best version of themselves. We also understand your dog is a great dog, but they struggle to contain their excitement or fears and you just don't know how to help show them the ropes.


In this program, we will get to the root of your dogs problems and you will understand how to manage it from there. Most dogs do not like strangers coming up to them, bending down while looking them straight in the eyes, and touching their face. How would you feel if some random person came up to you and started touching your hair and starring at you without your consent? You'd probably want to punch that person, right?

These custom sessions will teach your dog to be neutral around things that maybe be uncomfortable and how to perform the appropriate behaviors calmly around distractions. We will help show you how to build trust for your dog, embrace them for who they are and teach your dog how to be the best versions of themselves each and every day!

-Set For Life-


In this program, you will learn all the skills you need to be set up for success for the rest of your dogs' life. 


Think of this: A Life Together With No Limits.

The leash will simply be there because the law says so, not because you think your dog is going to run away or because you can't control them. Now that's some trust!


You will be able trust and communicate with your dog around all the unpredictable distractions the world will throw at you, especially in new environments. You will have your best hiking pal, your best brewery buddy, farmers market friend, and even your not-leave-the-house-and-order-Door-Dash-in-your-underwear best friend who can chill out with you.

-Hiking Hounds!-

Woman and Dog on Hike

Do you and your dog enjoy the outdoors and hiking in new areas? This package is aimed for people who just don’t have the time they’d like to throughout their busy week to give their dog the outdoor mental and physical stimulation needed. I’m here to hike with your dog while you’re busy at work, at your kids baseball games, or simply don’t have the energy after a long work week. With this package you get 4, 2-hour long on-leash hikes, at a location determined by me based on your dogs skill levels. You must have prior acceptance from me before purchasing this package, to ensure it will be a good fit for your dog. Basic requirements I'm looking for is polite leash manners and a recall! This is a crowd favorite because it helps give your dog the skills needed from a professional to be a hiking master!

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