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Day Training

Drop off field trips, hikes, or days full training with the trainer!

  • 1 h
  • Custom Built Price!
  • Home, parks, or dog friendly stores

Service Description

This package is designed for those who don’t quite have the time allotted throughout their busy days to teach new behaviors, and it would be easier if your dog already knew the criteria and you will help reinforce and uphold the daily training once your dog knows what is expected of them. What you can look forward to with this program: Day Trainings will ALWAYS start on a Monday! You will drop your dog off with me at 9 am (time can be discussed). The first day will be some very basic foundational skills and building a new communication system between your dog and I. At 6:00pm, I will bring your dog home to you and we will have a 1 to 1.5 hour long lesson with everyone involved with the at home training. This way everyone at home is in the know about the new training and what your dog learned that day. Expect your pup to be tired! Your homework for the week will be practicing everything I taught you and your dog to make sure it's rock solid. The following Monday, you will drop your dog off with me and we will start our next phase of training! Again, I will bring your dog home to you at 6:00 and we will go over the new things your dog learned that day! The following 4 weeks (5 weeks total, plus unlimited phone support) will be conducted in the same manner, just progressing to the next steps in training as your dog is ready. Here's some commands you can expect your dog to learn with this program: Come, Sit, Down, Place, Heel (loose leash walk), Off, Quiet, and Break (release command). As well as additional marker words like Yes!, No, and Good; all around major distractions! When we get to the last 2-3 Day Trains, we will be practicing the obedience on fields trips such as Lowes, Home Depot, pet stores, downtown busy streets, etc. This program is compatible with the Mild Manners as well as the Advanced Obedience Programs, and the expectations and results for each program is detailed in the other sections, with the Day Train option available we will get these results a bit faster and takes some stress off your plate at home. Mild Manners Day Trains will be $825 Advanced Obedience Day Trains will be $1,575

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Colorado Springs, CO

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