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Behavior Modification

Teaching dogs appropriate outlets for their fears and/or frustrations!

  • 1 h
  • Custom Built Price!
  • Home, parks, or dog friendly stores

Service Description

This program is aimed towards the dogs who struggle making good decisions around distractions and really need help channeling their frustration, fear or anxiety appropriately. Examples: on leash reactivity, separation anxiety, management of resource guarding, fearful behaviors. etc. I really love this program because I myself have a reactive dog. Whaaaat?! A professional with an imperfect dog?! YUP! He's not perfect, in fact far from it. And I love him all the same. My point is, I get how upsetting, frustrating, embarrassing, discouraging, and limiting it can feel. In this program, we will get to the route of your dogs problems and learn how to manage it from there. Aggression may not always be cured, but it can be CONTROLLED! There's a huge difference. Some (most) dogs do not like strangers coming up to them, bending down while looking them straight in the eyes, and touching their face. How would you feel if some random person came up to you and started touching your hair and starring at you without your consent? You'd probably punch that person, right? In 7 session (plus unlimited phone support), you can expect to learn Come, Sit, Down, Place, Heel (loose leash walk), Off, Quiet, Break (release command), as well as verbal marker words such as Yes!, No, and Good. We will teach your dog to be neutral and to perform these commands calmly around distractions. I will help show you how to advocate for your dog, embrace them for who they are and teach you and your dog how to be the best versions of yourselves each and every day!

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Colorado Springs, CO

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